Hydraulic double drum vibratory roller
Tire combined hydraulic vibratory roller
        LTC203 series vibratory roller,applicable for the maintenance of the municipal road as well as suitable for the compaction of the narrow road surfaces such as groove foundation ,building construction ,pipeline backfill and stadium

Main Features
▲Hydraulic double wheels drive,hydraulic front drum vibration and steering ,with reliable performance and optimum function ratio; 
▲LTC203P hydraulic front and rear wheels drive ,hydraulic front drum vibratory;
▲Both front and rear wheels have scraping and water spray unit,advanced sprinkler pump system can achieve intermittent ,greatly expanded mechanical proper working condition;
▲Adopt ZN390B diesel engine,Energy conservation and environmental ,very convenient for use and maintenance; 
▲Compact integral structure,small volume ,capable of used for compaction on narrow site ,with small investment ,quick return of good economic; 
▲LTC203P rear wheel adopts combination of four slick tires,and has double function,of wheel roller and tire roller,which can effectively improve the rolling quality of asphalt pavement ,and improve the climbing ability;
▲LTC203P walking more stable ,damping effect;
▲LTC203P High-end seats,has greatly enhanced operator comfort ,reduce fatigue.
Main Technical Parameters






Operating mass kg 3000 3400 4000
Static linear load N/cm 120/103 130/130 150/150
Vibration frequency mm 0.5 0.5/0.5 0.5/0.5
Centrifugal force KN 30 2*30 2*30
Vibration frequency kz 50 50 50
Travel speed Km/h 0-12 0-12 0-12
Grade ability % 32 30 25
Steering angle +26 +26 +26
Overall dimension mm 2760*1400*2580 2760*1400*2520


Drum diameter mm 700 700 700
Drum width mm 1250 1250 1300
Quantity of rear tire Pic 4 / /
Specification of rear tire   7.50-15 / /
Wheelbase mm 2010 2010 2010
Diesel power Kw 23 23 23
Diesel model   ZN390Q ZN390Q ZN390Q
Water tank capacity L 165 165 200